How to make Happy New Year Resolutions for 2021?

Happy New Year 2021 Resolutions- How to make New Year Resolutions?

Hello Friends! Welcome to our website. In this post we are going to discuss about Happy New Year resolutions and How to make New Year Resolutions for 2021.  Happy New Year 2021 is on the way and at this point we want to share few things with you. Because Time is the key of the universe, we can’t freeze time or overlap it, however we have a tendency to learn over time and keep promises to try and do something better in New Year.

There may be ups and down, or worst moment in our life but we’ve to face all those issues and traumatize them. The Happy New Year 2021 can bring all those happiness to your smile if you do not give up and face whatever the situation or cost you’ve to sacrifice to achieve your goal. This is the doorway of Happy New Year 2021, and we’re all excited concerning it, we wish a very Happy New Year 2021 to you and your family.

How to make Happy New Year 2021 Resolutions? 

As we approach to Happy New Year 2021, many of us start worrying about our New Year. There are lots of hope and to dos waiting for us. Some of us started working on their New Year 2021s resolutions and some of us looking back to the past twelve months and smiling with tears. Because the past is always about happiness, no matter whatever the situation was, on the other hand, the future is always about hope. Hope of a better version of yourself, hope of a better life and livelihood and most importantly hope of the better tomorrow that we always wanted.


I know there are lots of ups and down in your life, you had to give up several times throughout the last year but to fulfill your dream and start a great Happy New Year 2021, you’ve to change yourself. Ok! Let me share a story; I know you’ll love it and find out the true motive:

The Story: 

‘The Story begins with a man. This man walking down a path and finds an egg of Eagle. He takes this egg and puts it into a nest of backyards Hen. Pretty soon the Eagle hatches with the chickens and grows up with them. Now all his life, the Eagle did what the chickens did. He would poke around the dirt looking for the worms and insect to eat. He would fly a few feet into the air like chickens do. He would cluck around, as time passed that Eagle grew very old and one day he saw something above him.

And asked: “This thing, it glided gracefully and majestically through the clouds, what’s that?”

“Oh that? That’s an Eagle “— one chicken replied — ” he is the king of all birds, the master of the skies, but we’re just chicken, we belong to the ground… Don’t worry about him; you’ll never be that.”

And that Eagle lived and died as chicken because that is what he thought he was.’

What is New Year Resolutions?

A New Year Resolution is a commitment that people make to reform a habit or promises that people do to fulfill their dreams in New Year. In simple word New Year Resolutions is the perfect opportunity to look back what you unable to achieve and make a to do list for New Year. Lots of people seriously take New Year Resolutions, according to Wikipedia- the term is more common in Western Hemisphere but nowadays everyone is familiar with the New Year Resolutions.

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Happy New Year 2021 Resolutions:

To be honest, I don’t believe in any written promises or New Year Resolutions, because it’s not an easy task to follow all your promises but to make a successful Happy New Year 2021 we’ve to focus on few things, if we really want to do something new or big in New Year 2021 we’ve to change ourselves. Look, it’s hard to follow New Year Resolutions or whatever you say. But we can not deny the importance of New Year Resolutions. In this post I’m not going to write about what most people do at the eve of New Year such as – I’ll loss weight or I’ll buy a new laptop, instead of I’m going to explain few key points that we should keep on mind in New Year.

Happy New Year 2021 Resolutions:

1) Don’t Doubt Yourself :

The first resolution you’ve to follow in New Year 2021 is Never doubt your ability or your dream. As I explained on the story, don’t be that Eagle who belongs to the ground, who lived a life of chicken because he thought he was a chicken. Everybody belongs to somewhere, and it’s your duty to find out your arena and be the master. Sometimes we feel very weak, distracted, even we become very weak to holding our dreams but keep on mind you’ll never achieve your goal until you burn yourself with the fire of failures, if you give up you’ll never feel the taste of success.

2) Be Who You Truly Are:

There’s nothing left to explain on this topic, because we explained it above. But keep on mind it takes time to Be Who You Truly Are, sometimes it’s takes time to hear your inner voice and truly understand where you actually belong. So this is the another important resolution you’ve to follow in New Year 2021.

3) Be More Confident:

Confidence is the key to success. If you don’t believe yourself, you’ll never understand what you are and what you can do by hard work.

4) Prove Them:

Do you remember all those bullies you had to face last year? Do you remember what haters said about you? Do you remember what your ex said about you and left alone?OK… I know you can remember. It’s time to prove them wrong, it’s time to shut their mouth. So You’ve to get up every day and work hard; you’ve to achieve your goal and be the man you always wanted to be.


At the end of the year everyone always reflects and set a new year resolution. After few days, weeks or months they forget their promises, resolution and lives a life as they lived passed year. Are you one of them Who can’t keep Happy New Year Resolution alive? Are you on that list who never able to aim high. Who never tried something new or rise above and try to aim above anything?

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